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We wanted to build an App that was useable for everybody in a very quick and effective way and with an unique design. SpeedTask is a smart To-Do App to manage your everyday tasks. It comes with a beautiful interface that is easy to use and lets you handle your daily tasks in seconds. SpeedTask also includes free SpeedTask Cloud access that lets you sync all your tasks across multiple devices. With your custom Feed-URL it is also possible to see your To-Dos with iCal on your Mac. The result is a simple, fast and powerful App that helps you manage everyday life with style. SpeedTask App is available for various devices:


SpeedTask for iPhone & iPad
Finally a fast and simple to-do list for your pocket. SpeedTask lets you manage your daily tasks in no time and offers you powerful features like notifications or task sharing. Syncing to SpeedTask Cloud is completely free and ensures that you have your to-dos with you whenever you need them. more...

SpeedTask Mac
Small App - great impact! Working on a Mac and never want to lose track of your to-dos? SpeedTask Mac is a lightweight application that comes with an intiuitive interface and many features that will help you to get your tasks done. Syncing of your to-dos is included for free. more...

SpeedTask Cloud
Every SpeedTask-client comes with free access to SpeedTask Cloud which is a powerful Web-Application and a service to connect your devices and keep them in perfect sync. Once you have created an account you are able to view and edit your tasks online wherever you are. You can acces SpeedTask Cloud at

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SpeedTask Reviews

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"If you’re looking for a quick and simple task manager that looks good and provides free cloud synching, then SpeedTask may be exactly what you’ve always dreamed of!"

24 Sep 2010

Joel Bankhead - iPhone AppStorm

"Our second must-have app is a quick and powerful to-do app called SpeedTask. It features a simplistic, easy to use user interface, with free ‘cloud’ syncing that allows you to access your tasks from any device, or sync them with iCal on your Mac."

19 Sep 2010

Killian Bell - Cult of Mac

"SpeedTask offers an innovative way to manage your tasks.  It’s the closest mix between a calendar and a to-do list, and makes it easy to focus on what’s next."

05 Jul 2010

Matthew Guay - techinch

"This is a pretty decent and simple to-do app with what’s been missing from most of the other to-do apps: OTA syncing with a web-app..."

03 Jan 2010

Christine Chan - appadvice

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